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New Black Belt Awarded At March Grading – Check Out Club News For More Info!

From 2015 we will no longer be training on Saturday Mornings – we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause :)

2 New Black Belts Awarded At October Grading – Check Out Club News For More Info!

New Black Belt Awarded At June Grading – Check Out Club News For More Info!

From Wednesday March 26th the Stadium training session will start and finish half an hour earlier. The new time will be 6.00pm—7.00pm in the same room—The Hallam Suite.

Two New Black Belts Awarded At October Grading – Check Out Club News For More Info!

Check Out These Oakwood Park Videos!

Vertigo 2012

Two New Black Belts Awarded At June Grading – Check Out Club News For More Info!

3 New Black Belts!

Check out Club News for more information

Two New Black Belts Awarded!

Check out Club News for more information

Check out This Easter Fun Session Video!

Hunt The Easter Egg Winners Drawn At Fun Session – See Club News For Details!!

Three New Black Belts at February Grading! see Club News for more details.

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12 Responses to Home

  1. georgia says:

    that was cool mrs robinson, you are a great karate teacher.

  2. Callum says:

    Nice video, ;)

  3. loz says:

    hahaha sezz well in !!!

  4. Danica says:

    lol seren did u enjoy your egg lol

  5. charlie.s says:

    hi you are so cool at karate and tell mr robinson Thanks 4 puting the video on and haha to seren lol well done love charl.s

  6. dylan says:

    it was funny when owen got hit in the privates

  7. billi says:

    nice video mrs i shoued my mum and she laughe
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  8. TRAVIS.S says:

    so mrs. robinson you are a school teacher, you know all about computers and now you are a karate teacher? CAN YOU FLY lol?!

  9. Callum says:

    hi everyone i love this blog

  10. alan says:

    Cheers Callum.

  11. Jodie Williams says:

    im so impressed with the progress the club has made over the years, these were the best years of my life training with you all. I’m now at the humble age of cough ’24’ just so glad your still going, I can’t wait till my little boy is old enough to train with you. If anyone is looking for a martial arts club for their children to train in, alan, chris and jason are the best people to do it. Miss you guys, well done. ( still have my bo kata staff under the stairs) I will be back one day when Luke’s 7 lol

  12. alan says:

    Hi Jodie, thanks for your kind words about the Club, we are all glad you have happy memories of us. We look forward to seeing you and teaching Luke in the future.
    Best wishes – Alan, Chris and Jason :)

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