About the Club

The Gwent Junior Karate Club was founded in 1986. Our aim is to aid in the positive development of children, aged between 7 – 16, through the teaching of traditional, non – competition based karate.

Your Instructors

Over the last 10 years we have become a family run Club with myself (Alan) my wife (Christine) and my son (Jason) all deeply involved with its day to day running.  Between us we have over 40 years teaching experience and have coached many students to their Junior Black Belt grades.

Although we teach a traditional form of karate, we do so in a modern and progressive way to make it both fun and tailored to the specific needs of children, whom we teach exclusively (please note: all our instructors are CRB checked).

The benefits that can be gained by club members include:

  • The building of self-confidence.

  • Building respect for others.

  • Making new friends.

  • Improved self-discipline.

  • Improved physical fitness.

  • A far greater awareness of self defence.

Please Note:  Gwent Junior Karate operates a “three strikes and you are out” disciplinary policy.  Any member who misbehaves or brings the Club into disrepute by such actions as bullying (whether inside or outside of the Club), shall have an official Letter of Concern sent to their parents.  The third such letter will include a notice of expulsion from the Club.  We refuse to jeopardise the safety and enjoyment of our members through the thoughtless actions of a badly behaved minority.  By accepting membership to Gwent Junior Karate you not only agree with this policy but you also promise to uphold the true spirit of martial arts, respect your instructors and fellow Club members, and never use your martial arts skills maliciously.

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